As people walk through life, sooner or later, everyone
needs a little help!

Our Care Team supports and guides individuals, couples, and families with life-giving care as they navigate through change in every season of life. At Elevate Church, you don’t have to go through it alone, whatever “it” is for you right now. Unfortunately, too many people are struggling in isolation and silence, but that is not God’s intention. Scripture reminds us to,

“Gently encourage those who struggle; reach out to the exhausted and take care of those who are weak…”
(1 Thessalonians 5:14b)

“Share each other’s burdens and in this way obey the law of Christ.”
(Galatians 6:2)

Our Care Team members are available to celebrate special occasions or walk with you through the painful experiences and difficult transitions of life.

We will listen to the story about your situation and seek to fully understand what is going on in your life. Together, with faith and by seeking God’s wisdom, we can help you identify potential solutions and access practical resources that empower you to take the next steps forward through the changes and uncertainty you are facing.

For information about how our Care Team can assist you or your family please contact the church office at 814-969-9478 or by emailing


Care Team members are available to pray with you – it may be about a crisis, a big decision, or you simply want to thank God for what He is doing in your life. Together, we will talk to God about your situation and then watch and listen for His response.

You can experience the peace and power of prayer by responding to the prayer invitation during weekend services. Throughout the week, a team of people pray for the needs of anyone who asks for prayer. No matter what your circumstances, let us know how can we pray for you. If you would like prayer, please let us know!


Our care team is equipped to assist you with needs including:


Care Team members are available to visit Elevate Church attendees as well as loved ones who need care when hospitalized due to medical emergency or illness. We also visit individuals in hospice, extended care, and assisted living facilities.


Members of our care team provide and deliver meals to those who are ill, have a loved one who is sick or in the hospital, have a new baby to care for or are suffering a loss.


Care Team members assist Elevate Church attendees who find themselves in financial crisis. Financial care involves much more than “a last minute rush to pay rent to avoid eviction, groceries, or to pay a utility bill to keep the lights on.” If you are a regular attender of Elevate Church and would like to know how to begin the process of financial guidance, call our office at 814-969-9478.