What are you waiting on this Christmas?

READ: Isaiah 40:12-31


Have you ever had to wait a long time when you weren’t expecting to? Frustration builds as each minute passes. You begin to wonder if they forgot about you, if they even cared at all.

We tend to lose patience quickly when the reality of our situation doesn’t coincide with our expectations. 


Israel knew this feeling all too well. They had been in exile for 70 years, and though Isaiah had already told them a new king, a deliverer was coming, God’s promise became harder and harder to believe with each passing day. They knew God’s promise, but His words didn’t seem to coincide with their circumstances.

In response to this sentiment, Isaiah eloquently describes the power, mightiness, and completeness of God and His planning. God doesn’t make mistakes. However, in the middle of a long wait, it sure can feel that way.  

Waiting well isn’t about counting the minutes. It is about trusting God with His plan for our lives. 

Waiting well isn’t about counting the minutes. It is about trusting God with His plan for our lives, believing that He loves us and does everything for our good (Romans 8:28).  

God’s plans are not only worth the wait, but always more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine. Jesus did more than save Israel; He saved the world. Jesus established an eternal kingdom, offering freedom from sin and a relationship with all who seek Him. 

Whatever you’re waiting for right now, fight the urge to rush the process. Let Christmas, the arrival of God’s greatest promise, be a reminder that no one can fathom what God has planned for those who love Him. 


  • How do you respond when things don’t go as planned? 
  • What do Isaiah’s words tell you about God’s abilities?
  • Is there a situation or prayer you’re waiting for God to answer? Be honest with God about how you’re feeling. And remember, Isaiah’s words are true for you, too. 
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