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Nobody really likes a blind date…do they?

Before you know what hit you, excitement and anticipation can quickly be replaced with awkwardness.

Sometimes visiting a church can be that way. Where do I go? Where do my kids go and will they be safe? What will the music be like? What will people be wearing? Will it be weird?

To answer some of these questions before you arrive, here’s what you can expect...



What is an Elevate Worship Experience like?

You may have never experienced a church like ours. The heart of our church is to help people grow but we aren’t timid, and we don’t slow down.

We want you to feel the bass in your chest during worship and sit on the edge of your seat during the message. We begin each worship experience with music and then hear a Bible-based message that lasts around 30 minutes. It is our hope that the entire worship experience will encourage and challenge you in the most engaging and exciting way possible.

Altogether, our worship experiences last just over an hour.

You're at the mall, right? Where do I park? won't park in the actual mall lot. While we're part of the Millcreek Mall complex, we're about 100 yards away from the shopping center itself, and we have plenty of parking with parking lot attendants and greeters to help guide you to a great spot.

I'm walking towards the building. Now what?

One of the first people you’ll see on your way into the building is a member of our Host Team wearing a gray ‘welcome’ shirt…so you can’t miss them! For your first visit to Elevate, they’ll tell you about the church, give you a tour, and answer any questions you might have right off the bat.

What about my kids?

During all weekend worship experiences, we have options for kids from birth through fifth grade! To learn more about our children's ministry, scroll to the bottom of this page!

I have older kids. Where will they go?

Students 6th through 12th grade are part of our regular worship experiences on the weekends. But, they should definitely check out our student small groups and Elevate Youth events throughout the year!

Is there a dress code?

We want you to feel comfortable. Whether that means jeans and a t-shirt, business casual or suit and tie, as long as you are actually wearing clothes, you will fit right in.

Will I be pressured to say anything, sign anything or be singled out in any way?

Nope. We think that's as weird as you do.

    •    You won’t have to wear a name badge or be singled out in any way.
    •    You don’t even have to sing along if you don’t feel comfortable.
    •    You’re not expected to give when we receive the offering.

We have a 'Connection Card' available in the worship experience to fill out in case you have questions, need prayer or are interested in any of our events or resources. This card is only used to help us serve you better and keep you informed of church-wide events and activities. You will not be spammed. We pinky swear.

What do you believe?

We believe that Jesus is the son of God and the Bible is the word of God. Our goal is to serve you in any way possible to help you grow. Read more about what we believe and our purpose and core values by clicking here.




Come and check out one of our four identical worship experiences just outside the Millcreek Mall (inside the former dollar theater.)

Weekend Worship Experiences
Saturdays at 5:00PM
Sundays at 8:30AM, 10:00AM, & 11:30AM




At ElevateKids, our goal is to help your children encounter God, build friendships, and grow in a relationship with Jesus in a safe, interactive, and exciting atmosphere.

Our programs are specifically designed to attract the hearts of children in such a way that their ElevateKids experience is the most exciting and enjoyable hour of their week that they tell their friends about it!

Every weekend, our goal is to teach biblical truth from the Bible in a way that is understandable and applicable even for the smallest child.

Programs available during every weekend service.

ElevateKids is offered for children birth through 5th grade. We divide ElevateKids into six separate environments so that we can engage your child at their level.

Babies: Birth to age 1 (or until your child is walking)
Walkers: Walking up to 35 months old
Twos: Two Year-Olds  |  Ages 3 & 4
Pre-K & K: 
Age 5 - Kindergarten
Elementary: 1st through 5th Grade

First-Time Guests

Tell us you’re new so we can help. Our Host Teams will meet you on your way into the building from our first-time guest parking area and escort you to ElevateKids check-in.

ElevateKids Check-In

Your child is important to us. When you enter the building, you’ll see signage directing you to the Kid’s Check-In Area where you’ll be greeted by a volunteer who will help you register your children into our system. On your first visit, we need the following personal information: parent/legal guardian names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for each child.


Your child’s safety is our first priority. All adult ElevateKids volunteers pass a background check and every hallway is monitored by security personnel. We use a security tag system for child check-in and pick-up, and a paging system for parents/guardians in case we need to reach you during the worship experience.

Our Team

If you’re a new parent to ElevateKids, you can rest assured we have an incredible team of ElevateKids volunteers. Our volunteers are rockstars and every week we make sure they have everything they need to take great care of your kids.

What is available for my child with special needs?

We love, cherish and enjoy the time we get to spend with all our children at ElevateKids. We believe that children with special needs have value, importance and potential to grow in miraculous ways. They deserve equal opportunity to worship, learn and grow in their faith and it’s our goal to help you feel secure knowing your child’s needs are being met.

If you are interested in visiting and you have a child with special needs, please contact us so that we can answer any questions you might have and be best prepared to serve your family and minister to your child.


We’d love to talk in person on the weekend, or you can email us anytime.