I’m a worshiper. I know you are too, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. You’ve decided to become part of this team because you want to lead people into an encounter with the greatness of our living God. What an amazing opportunity we have each time we set foot on the platform of the church. When it all comes down to it church exists to help people follow Jesus and respond to Him. Imagine the impact you can have on someone’s life on a given Sunday, or any other worship encounter. You have the potential to lead someone into the life-changing power of God. We can’t change anyone, but when someone encounters the loving Father, their lives are sure to change.


You’re a tour guide, not a travel agent. Travel agents sit behind a desk with beautiful pictures of exotic destinations, but most have never even visited those destinations. Tour guides, however, show people the destination first hand. They go with you, and more importantly, they’ve been there before. As a worship leader, your role is to go into God’s presence before the people. Then when you stand on that platform, you’ll be able to lead people to a place you’ve already been. See, worship doesn’t just happen on the platform. For you, it’s your life. Respect this platform by preparing yourself before you set foot on it.


We all have authority because we are under authority. The minute we become prideful, thinking it’s about us, we lose our authority. We don’t stand alone. Our ability to lead is solely based on our ability to submit. You have been given authority as you stand and lead. Always remember that.


I want you to know that I believe in you as your leader. We stand together facing the enemy in the name of Jesus. I’m praying for you, and know whole-heartedly that you can lead with confidence during every moment you stand on that platform.

Stay on mission and give it all you’ve got!

Dave Perkins




Elevate Worship exists to guide people into an encounter with the greatness of God. We strive to produce quality music and creative elements to support and enhance the mission and vision of Elevate Church and never distract from people’s worship experience. 


Our teams should always strive for excellence (not perfection). We define excellence as “doing things in a God-honoring manner.” Henry Blackaby says “excellence generally describes tasks and tasks are usually a means to an end. People are the end.” Because people are the end, we are committed to continually lead and equip the body of Christ so that people might connect with Jesus in a real and personal way. 


Integrity is a major pillar of our team culture. It is important that we live in a way that displays Christ, not only on Sundays, but also throughout the week. Our personal lives off the stage will either lift up or tear down the vision of the church, as well as our personal reputations. You represent Christ and Elevate Church everywhere you go. All team members are held accountable in the following areas: relational purity, healthy communication, and spiritual maturity. 


We recognize that the leaders of Elevate have been positioned to direct, lead, challenge and nurture the church as a whole, as well as their respective team members. Just as our leaders embrace and strive to serve the vision of our pastor, and ultimately God’s plan, so do we submit to the leadership over us. If there is any disagreement or conflict, handle it directly with the appropriate people involved and at the appropriate time.



Respect amongst peers is just as crucial. We support each other in our conversations, actions, and preparation. If someone arrives unprepared or late, don’t throw them under the bus or disrespect them. Don’t instruct someone on how to do their job while they’re doing it. Chances are, your leader knows about it and will personally attend to the situation at the right time. If you think your leader missed something, DO feel free to run it past them of challenge each other (in humility and love) to consistently raise the standard, individually. Remember the Proverbs 27:17 model–“iron sharpens iron”). 


God has called you to be a leader at Elevate, so along with that, you are accountable for your loyalty to the mission and vision of Elevate Church and it’s leadership. Always protect unity! Don’t be the one creating division. Reject slander and uphold the reputations of those in leadership and those with whom you serve. 


It’s our heart to build a culture of responsibility and not restriction within this team. We are responsible for the calling God has placed on our lives and the privilege we have to serve Him and our church in the way we do. This is especially true when it comes to any actions and patterns of behavior that are either expressly prohibited in scripture or compromise our ability as a leader and follower of Jesus. Specific examples are... 

The abuse or overuse of alcohol. The bible does not prohibit alcohol, but it does prohibit drunkenness. Additionally, even from a medical standpoint, being drunk is a state of decreased physical, mental and emotional control which would prevent you from being the reflection of Jesus and this church that you’re called to be. 

No bueno.

Addiction This includes the habitual use of alcohol, tobacco, other substances, or activities that hold you captive. In Christ we should live in freedom and be ‘slaves’ only to righteousness (Romans 6:1-23.) 

Sexual Purity The Word of God is clear that any sexual relationship outside the biblical covenant of marriage is strictly forbidden. We also believe that God has called us to a standard of high accountability when it comes to the relationships we are involved in with other members of the team and with people outside of our team. This high standard requires us to set forth certain guidelines that will ensure that we avoid the appearance of immorality. For clarification, here are several standards we commit to adhere to: 

  • We will keep our eyes pure and we will not allow pornography, inappropriate media, etc, to contaminate our heart and spirit (Psalm 101:3). 
  • All male-female relationships will glorify God and will be accountable to those around us by:
    • Being mindful of communication
    • Not being alone in apartments or homes.
    • Not engaging in sexual activity that is reserved for the institution of marriage. 

Because of the public nature of our specific ministry, it’s important that we strive to be ‘above reproach.’ As a leader, we’re on the job at all times, not just while we’re on the stage. Commit to these standards at home and in public. 

If you find yourself struggling with these or any other areas in your life that may compromise your ability as a part of this team, we will do everything we can to walk through the necessary changes with you and that doesn’t necessarily mean removal from the team. Be open. Be humble. Be teachable. We’re here for you. Additionally, we’ll speak up with our concerns if the actions of a team member are deemed detrimental to the ministry of Elevate Church. We’ll do our best to provide steps to take in a loving, constructive manner that encourages reconciliation, restoration and healing. 

But to be clear about the flip side: There is no room on this team for those who refuse to take steps towards becoming more like Jesus and to be the best reflection of Him and His church. #SorryNotSorry


People are people, not just instruments or things we use to fill a spot. Create a culture on and off the stage that is both encouraging and connecting for the people with whom you serve. Our off-stage relationships with other church members strongly influence how our on-stage leadership is received. Often times a worship team is only seen getting on and off the stage. Let’s strive to be leaders off the stage through intentionally meeting people between services, engaging new people, following up with new acquaintances, etc. Your influence on the stage will be magnified by your relationships off the stage. Remember...the lobby is the new green room


Elevate Groups are specifically designed for accountability, healthy relationships, spiritual maturity and building community. We view these groups as a vital part of every member’s spiritual growth. We get that your lives are busy. So, we ask that each team member seriously try to find, commit to, and regularly attend a Group. 


Let’s not get so wrapped up in doing God’s work that God can’t do His work in us! We will always sit in the congregation during the message for at least the first service, and consider bringing a Bible and notebook to take notes. We are very fortunate to have such great teachers at Elevate. Don’t miss out on what God could be saying to you. 

And as far as doing what you do on a Sunday...don’t settle for where you were last week or even where you are today. Push the limits and hustle your a** off to be better. 


One of our mantra verses for the creative team at Elevate is Proverbs 21:31 that says, “The horse is made ready for battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.” We believe one of the best things we can do to combat our enemy is to prepare ourselves for battle. We prepare, we plan, we strategize, all with the help of the Holy Spirit, then we leave the results up the Lord. It’s not our job 

to win the battle. It’s our job to prepare for battle, and leave the results up to Him. Here are some practical ways we prepare: 


Elevate uses Planning Center Online (PCO) to schedule musicians and make the MP3s, charts, and lyrics available to you in a timely fashion. Please promptly accept or decline any requests sent to you. Also, please block out dates you are unavailable a month in advance before the end of the previous month. If something comes up after you’ve set your availability, please contact the Band Team Leader and update your availability on PCO as soon as possible. If you have any questions on how to use PCO, please contact us. 

Unless otherwise posted, please learn your parts EXACTLY like the MP3. As a team, we rely on you to play your part accordingly. While we absolutely encourage creativity, additional/alternative parts must be communicated with the Creative Arts Director prior to rehearsal. We also ask that musicians learn the entire song including lyrics so you can sing along, engage the congregation, and lead from your instrument. 


Nothing keeps an experience moving like transitions, and the band plays a big role in this. Think through your transitions BEFORE rehearsal. Think about the tempo changes and key of each song, how one song ends and how another begins, and how the band can make it feel seamless. 


While we emphasize and require musical excellence, spiritual preparedness is our FIRST priority. How can we lead where we’ve not gone ourselves? What does this look like? Take the song list and worship with it! Worship at home on your instrument. Pray for the team, the service, and all that God has planned. Let’s come together with our hearts in sync with His and a readiness to be used by God to change lives!